HVM Digital the leading bulk SMS services India knows how to make Short Text Message work for its clients and for this reason we’ve included the bulk SMSs in our service list. And we know how to make a winning combination of SMSs with digital marketing.

Let’s see how bulk messaging evolved and how is it helping the digital

It is the age of mobile revolution and everyone is turning to mobiles – Google is making mobile first index and sites are made responsive. Text message has an advantage that is it is targeted and it doesn’t need any career like broadband connectivity. A spicy message laced with brand name is dropped in an inbox. The targeted customer opens the message according to his convenience and decides fate of the message.

HVM Digital promise your message will be opened

  • The opening rate of SMS is quite higher than email. Also, you won’t have to wait for long time to get your text message open.
  • People keep their mobiles close by. It helps in accessing targeted customers. When a message is sent, it is deemed opened.
  • Opening a text message is a hassle free affair as it doesn’t require broadband connectivity. It opens with unlocking of the phone.

HVM Digital the bulk SMS services company India can unlock targeted mobiles for your text message. We’ve the technology needed for flashing targeted messages and generating report about opened messages. But what makes our service more important is our ability to create compelling messages that increase user engagement.

  • The message contains contact number and other crucial details
  • A link to your website in text message will surge your site with targeted traffic.
  • Bulk messaging can generate quality leads that qualify for sales
  • A text message is a line of communication; it is a quick connection with targeted clients that can respond to the messages to show their interest

HVM Digital possesses the technology and talent needed for creating compelling messages and flashing the SMSs to targeted mobiles. We can keep thing simple and affordable.

  • A bulk SMS gateway clears way for flashing messages
  • Targeted mobile numbers are fed in the system and date and time of messaging is set .
  • The system sends messages according to settings and generates report
  • The report shows number of sent messages and number of messages opened
  • Charges apply only on successful SMSs

HVM Digital stands with its clients at every step of messaging as our objective is to make bulk SMS service work for our clients. We believe that messaging works for every business and we only need doing things in right manner. We offer bulk SMS technology and talent that will help in taking advantage of the service.

Bulk SMS are beneficial for:

  • Opinion poll
  • Survey
  • Discount coupons
  • Sharing website details
  • Communication
  • Notification
  • Alert

HVM Digital the bulk SMS provider company Indi can make bulk messaging work for your needs. And we promise that things would remain simple and affordable. We are ready to take your user experience with bulk messaging to an all new level.