With 81% of businesses generating quality leads with email marketing and 45% of ecommerce business is coming from leads generated through emailing, it is difficult to run a business without email marketing.

HVM Digital email marketing company India is here to help in making your email marketing campaign a success. Our unique service coupled with the sincere efforts by our seasoned marketing team will get your message into your targeted customer’s inbox through emailers

Email marketing as direct marketing is quite effective in delivering results as every customer is taken care of. Personalized mails are sent to targeted customers and response awaited. It is good for launching new businesses; introducing products; making online sales and fundraising. HVM Digital can help can help expand your business with the following email marketing services India.

  • All comprehensive bulk email messaging plans designed to suit individual needs of businesses
  • Robust control over plan management, segmentation, customization and deployment of messages
  • Help in finding the potential list of buyers and validating email addresses to ensure smooth flow of emails to targeted customers

Features of HVM Digital email marketing

Manage your list: Segment your contact list with our service and target each segment with customized messages. The end result would be exciting.

Manage your subscriptions: Each message will meet spam compliance and there will be an unsubscribe link placed at the bottom of each message. Also, the message will carry a personalized URL for updating preferences.

Schedule your messages: Plan your marketing campaign and execute with perfection by scheduling the messages to be sent on a specific time and day. Also, you will receive quick delivery report of the messages.

Track your campaign: Keep track of your messages to get a better hold over your marketing campaigns. It is helpful in optimizing campaigns for better results.

See your emails opening: You will be automatically updated when a targeted customer opens your message. The summary will contain the details of the action the customer takes.

Stop bouncing of mails: Bouncing of emails could tarnish your online image. You need taking a decision either to delete those messages or make one more attempt to send emails to bouncing addresses.

HVM Digital would bring all the benefits of bulk email marketing India for your website

  • Expand your reach with the help of emails whose number has grown to 5 billion in 2017 and it is growing with each passing day
  • It is a proven marketing channel as maximum messages delivered, opened and acted upon by targeted customers
  • Emails are measurable hence beneficial in calculating leads, subscriptions and memberships generated through marketing campaigns
  • Cost effective and result oriented marketing channel suitable for every need from spreading awareness to making sales

HVM Digital for successful email marketing

We are good at digital marketing and bulk emailing in India is a part of online marketing. Our large team of seasoned marketers is capable of managing multiple campaigns at a time. Also, we can run campaigns for specific objectives like to add subscribers for a newsletter. Whatever your marketing goals are, our email marketing team can easily deliver the results.