HVM Digital shopping cart solutions company India offers the best online shopping cart solution for growing as well as established businesses. We can make the shopping cart that will process payments for your business. We will make an attractive online store that coverts every visitor into customer.

  • Online payment processing like a breeze
  • Smooth payment strengthens online reputation
  • Clients can make payment without any fear or apprehension
  • Safe payment boosts confidence of customers
  • Convenient way of making payment
  • The solution works for every business

Big commerce has its roots beyond online payment that is just a part of it the ecommerce industry. Our advanced shopping cart solution packs all the necessary features needed to accept online orders. This feature perfect solution will help in growing your business. It will be a complete solution for all your ecommerce related needs.

  • Growth of big commerce is 28% that is 2x of the industrial growth
  • A fully functional shopping cart is needed to handle bulk sales
  • Reduce waiting time for customers to boost sales
  • The solution can handle shipping of orders
  • It will add more functionality to your website
  • The solution means growth for businesses

With HVM Digital working for your shopping cart solution, you can accept payment with leading solutions. We make safe platform that is quick to process payments and it also earns trust of buyers. The competition on the web has increased and it is only technology that can help in winning the battle.

Choose the best payment gateway: Give your buyers more options to make payments. Adding multiple payment gateways will give your clients reasons to believe on your store. Also, you will be able to take more orders and make more profit.

Reduced transaction fees and decreasing rates: We will make the software that will make money for you. Rate of processing fee will be decreased as you grow. It is dual benefit for your business.

Make sales across the globe: Selling across the globe won’t be a big deal when you have a fully functional shopping cart. Your customers can buy from any city and country and you can make more sales in little time.

HVM Digital can help you in making more sales with a shopping cart that is optimized to suit to your business needs. We offer a feature-perfect shopping cart that will help in growing your sales manifold.

Target mobile market: The fully responsive mobile cart will boost your presence in mobile market. You can make more sales to mobile customers.

Recover lost sales: The software will contact the previous customers to boost lost sales by15%. Some customers leave store without making any payment but they comeback to complete the sales process.

Offer instant checkout: Add more convenience to your shopping cart by allowing your customers to checkout items their buying list.

With HVM Digital shopping cart solutions, you can easily build an ecommerce site that comes with a beautiful design; that is fully customized and that has built-in SEO features. You will see your site growing step by step. We can translate your dream into reality.